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 Community Rules

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Community Rules Empty
PostSubject: Community Rules   Community Rules EmptySat Nov 08, 2014 7:55 am

Personal Information
Do not post your full name, address, phone number or any other revealing information. We make sure the forum is safe for all users.

We do not allow spam here. SPAM stands for Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages. Spamming is anything that's pointless or off-topic. All forum topics must relate to the title. There is an edit button if you need it.

Advertising is not allowed, please advertise your Foxotic fan sites elsewhere or in the official thread of Foxotic fan sites.

Inappropriate Pictures & Language
You may not post inappropriate pictures or language. We have kids here, that means we don't want bad images or cussing/swearing.

Avatar & Signature Limits
Avatars and signatures must not stretch the page in any way. Signatures may only have one or two images that aren't very tall. 300px is about the max that a signature should be.

Foxotic is not about popularity. No topics about users saying how cool they are or how uncool they are. Posting is not everything.

Forum Topics Towards One User
Threads about or toward one user are not allowed here. We have a forum inbox system for this reason.

Forum Ranks
New Fox - 0 posts
Community Fox - 10 posts
Experienced Fox - 250 posts
Excellent Fox - 500 posts
Famous Fox - 1000 posts
Legendary Fox - 5000 posts

Please make sure to report any members you think are breaking the rules.
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Community Rules
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