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 Idea - Adventure Zone

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New Fox

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PostSubject: Idea - Adventure Zone   Wed Jan 14, 2015 2:42 am

Maybe there could be an Adventure Zone where you go on adventures to protect Foxotic from evil! Maybe there could be little creatures that live in the Adventure Zone that have been enchanted to play nasty pranks on the foxes and make things not so foxtastic. Maybe there could be magic wands that can remove the enchantment and make the little creatures get back to what they normally do (Collecting food, taking care of their family.etc) so you can get to a safe place. However, the little creatures have magical powers of their own that can 'defeat' your fox (I said 'defeat' because 'kill' would just be too violent). If your Fox gets defeated then your Fox will sit on the floor and become dizzy. Then a message will appear saying "All this adventuring has made you dizzy! You will now be teleported to the last Life Crystal you have been to." and your Fox will appear at the last Life Crystal you have been to. Life Crystals are checkpoints. When a Life Crystal is in your sight, you will reappear there when you get 'defeated'. As you remove the curse more and more enchanted creatures, then your 'Reputation' level gets higher and higher. The higher your Reputation level, the better adventure equipment you can buy. Adventure equipment is equipment you can buy to increase your wand's power and increase your defense against the enchanted creature's magical powers. You can also buy more powerful wands. Not only can you use adventure equipment to help you out in adventures, you can also use them outside adventures as casual clothing in Foxotic you can't get anywhere else besides adventures!
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New Fox

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PostSubject: Re: Idea - Adventure Zone   Sat Jan 17, 2015 8:19 pm

This is to much like Animal Jam, but it is a good idea.
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Idea - Adventure Zone
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